I cannot recommend Lynda enough! She was such a great resource both during pregnancy and the postpartum period, offering suggestions without imposing her own opinions or agenda.


And she was incredible during my son’s birth!! She literally massaged my back for hours – her poor hands must have been numb – and she didn’t ask for a break or anything. In fact she kept offering suggestions to help me progress, like encouraging me to change positions, providing me with endless water refills and asking if I wanted to eat.


She also was a great support for my husband – allowing him to leave the room when needed and giving him the space and encouragement to support me when labor really started kicking into gear. We don’t have any family near us and having Lynda as our doula made it feel like we did. Not only did we welcome a beautiful baby boy – we also welcomed a warm hearted, generous woman into our lives – and I can’t imagine it any other way!


For my first pregnancy with my daughter at the hospital things were not what I expected and it’s probably my fault for not better preparing myself for the intensity of labor and delivery and the extreme transformation of new parenthood. Not only the pain but the fear, I expected a lot more support from the doctors and nurses. I ended up getting an epidural and had a pretty traumatic labor.


So for my second pregnancy I wanted to be in charge and educate myself much more. I loved the idea of the comfort of a birth center but my husband and I wanted the safety of a hospital. We decided to use the hospital with a midwife for the birth of our son.


I looked into hypnobirthing and concept was enlightening and I knew this was what I needed. My husband is the most amazing supportive rock and I knew that he would be there for me and help in whatever way he could but he was also very very busy with work working 60+ hours there wasn’t any free time for him to help me with breathing or relaxing techniques and sometimes as sweet as he is and hard as he’s tried with my wacky pregnancy hormones he would just make me tense.


I realized that if I was going to have the natural birth I was hoping for that I might need some extra help. I am a very private independent person so it took me a little bit to come to the conclusion of having a doula to assist where my husband was unable.


As soon as met Lynda I felt instantly comfortable, she was familiar with hypnobirthing and other relaxing techniques. I had extreme back labor pains with my daughter so I knew her massage therapy would be a great asset durning labor, and it was! When the time came that I knew my baby was ready to come Lynda met us at the hospital. She quickly jumped into action to get get me more comfortable, grabbed a birthing ball, set up a diffuser with lavender essential oil.


My labor intensified and she helped with breathing and got me a cold rag in the tub so my husband could focus on me. Things all of a sudden were happening really fast and my son was born and had to be taken to the NICU everything had went according to plan until now. My husband went with my son and I was so very grateful to have her support by side. Thanks to the amazing midwife and nursing staff he was going to be ok and Lynda was there to make sure I was too.


She has continued to support me and my family with even the simplest things of coming over to entertain my 3 year old so I could have hot shower and cook a surprise meal for my husband. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that if I needed anything big or small that she would be there for me with no judgement. Lynda has truly touched our lives I would encourage any new mom to seek her support you won’t regret it.

Jon, Caroline, and little Ian

Lynda is an amazing birth doula. This was my first pregnancy, and I honestly underestimated the delivery. Without Lynda by my side, I would not have been able to go through my labor and delivery all natural.


All night long, Lynda walked with me across the halls to ease the pain, took notes and explained to me my progression and massaged my back. She gave me tips to go through each contraction. When the pain got very strong, too strong, having a doula for guidance and relief, physically and mentally, is invaluable.


Thank you Lynda!

Tara & Phillip, parents to Hayden

Lynda is an amazing doula, and I’m so fortunate I was able to have her by my side for the birth of my second daughter.


Lynda was attentive, nurturing, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. From prenatal appointments to postpartum follow-ups, Lynda was by my side and always helpful.


With my husband working out of state it was assuring to know that Lynda was only a phone call away to help if needed.  Lynda was respectful of my wishes and supported me and my family during the entire birthing process. I highly recommend her as a doula!