Why choose a doula?

For centuries women have helped other women through childbirth, the word doula, a Greek word that means “a woman who helps” has been revived into our modern times. A doula is a trained professional who provides caring continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a mother and her family before, during, and after child birth to help her and the baby achieve the healthiest, most satisfying birth experience possible.

How I will help as your doula

As your Doula I will help support you and your partner in achieving a positive birth journey and act as a liaison between you, your partner, and your team during this amazing transition. I will be fully present and mindful in keeping your wishes and goals on track, but recognizing when we need to come up with new goals as things may change.

I will try to anticipate your needs and lend you my expertise and experience through the birthing process. As your doula I will provide individualized continuous physical, emotional, and mental encouragement and support through labor and birth for you and your partner.

With heartfelt resolve, I will provide you with the tools for the moments when you don’t think you can go another breath, another push, or hour. I am an invaluable member of your birth team, who will provide non-biased, evidence and fact based information that can assist you and your partner in making decisions regarding your care and listening to your wishes and concerns without judgement to facilitate and support the experience you want to have. I am your doula and your advocate for your birth!